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Sunday, August 28, 2005

badminton in malaysia

Badminton Boot Camp 2005


A badminton club in Malaysia is opening its doors to international trainees. We are targeting players who currently have grounding in the game of badminton and are aiming to progress further; our aims are to fundamentally enhance and evolve the systematic training the individual currently undertakes and expose them to the Malaysian way of training. The club is targeting actively competitive squad players who are committed and interested in improving the level of their game.

Competitive players are encouraged to join as the geographical advantage of Malaysia to regional satellite and open tournaments such as Vietnam, Thai, Indonesia, Malaysia Satellites and Opens.

The club trains fulltime up to 6-7 hours a day and the club has been producing national level players at the age group and now the open category. They are a very committed group and the elite squad coaches are fulltime at the club and venue. They are assisted by state level players as well by hired help from Indonesia from time to time.

AST Badminton Team was formed in February 1996 by Steeve Koh and Tan Boon Bin to conduct development of badminton as a competitive sport. The team progressed further when AST Badminton Club was registered in 2003 with the Kota Kinabalu Registrar of Society, Sabah. The club actively conduct training programs the year through to develop the game for the state and has been producing state players at age groups and the open category. Latest success is the grooming of a local lad into the national backup squad.


Country : Malaysia

State : Sabah

City : Kota Kinabalu (state capital)


Tan Boon Bin
Elite Squad Coach
Club Co-founder
3 times Sabah State Champion
BAM Coaching License
State Coach
Coaching experience since 1996

Steeve Koh
Elite Squad Coach
Club Co-founder
Former Sabah State Player
Coaching experience since 1996

Abdul Malik Zainal
Elite Squad Coach
Former professional player in the German professional league
Former Selangor State player
Trained under Misbun Sidek
Coaching experience since 1994

Yang Ket Liang
Development Coach
Former Sabah State Player
BAM Coaching License
Coaching experience since 1999

Alan Hiew
Development Coach
Former Sabah State Player
Coaching experience since 2000

Recent Club Achievement


2004 Under 12 Boys Single National Champion

2004 Under 18 Gents Single National Runner-Up


Club player listed into National Back-Up Squad.


The Club has National body accredited coaches

Training will largely consist of on-court coaching and training which will include sparring, multi-drills, shuttle control and other court exercises. Elements of fitness and strength training will be included in the program if required.

Weekly Training Schedule:

Mornings: 9am – 12pm Mondays to Fridays.
Evenings: 3pm – 6pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.
saturday: Fitness training
(Training program will be designed for each individual to suit personal target, abilities, and need)

Weekend Program

A relaxed training at the club’s weekend development program (Optional)
Jogging session and physicals are also carried out during the weekends

Or do some sight seeing. It’s a beautiful place (Sabah).

Regional Tournaments

Trainees are invited to make most of their journey to Malaysia by competing in regional satellites and open tournaments whichever coincides with the training period. The opportunity to face Asian players of international level may prove to be a very valuable experience to obtain. Cost of tournament will be borne by the trainee. The club will assist arrangement of tournament logistics especially if the club’s players will be competing as well.


This fee is inclusive of:

- The weekly training schedule details
- Coaching
- Shuttles for training sessions
- Access to training facility


Blogger ali said...


I live in Canada and am looking for a badminton school to train/play full time for 2/4 months. I would like to have more details about the fees and accomodation facilities.


9:44 AM

Blogger jug8man said...

Yes, any queries, please email me at mmagss@yahoo.com

8:06 PM

Blogger azizan said...

my name is azizan and i live sabah.I would like 2 join this club and train daily so iwant to ask about the fees.


3:23 AM

Blogger SeReNa_RVP11 said...

who r u?? haha..man, its suprising to see ppl promote AST on9.. for sure you would be coach tan.. im guessing Mr. Steeve?

11:03 PM

Blogger SeReNa_RVP11 said...

i meant would *not*

11:03 PM


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